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Dear Black and African Diaspora Community,

We are excited to announce Black Star Line’s funding from Best Starts For Kids through the School to Prison Pipeline investment area. Embrace Your Best Self received funding for our Transformational Internship Experience - EYBS TIE.

Embrace Your Best Self Transformational Internship Experience is for Black youth and emerging adults ages 12-24 in Martin Luther King County, Washington. Young people of African descent come from various circumstances that make them vulnerable to the school-to-prison pipeline. We understand many Black youths and emerging adults may or may not be directly attached to a community and lack a sense of belonging.

We have developed a supportive process that will encourage young people to bring their best Self to the program and consider that creating an intentional space for growth, improvement, and fresh starts is crucial. The Embrace Your Best Self Transformational Internship Experience (EYBS TIE) will have stipend internship positions.

EYBS will hold an internship fair to showcase the Black businesses and organizations interested in hosting an internship position. We have established MOUs with Community-based organizations and businesses that will select an intern through their hiring process. Interns will receive a monthly stipend, and people waitlisted will be provided financial incentives for attending workshops, meetings, and coaching.

Along with their community placement, young people will have weekly intern informational meetings that will feature topics such as:

  • financial literacy

  • work readiness

  • entrepreneurship

  • social and emotional well-being

  • skillful livelihood, and

  • cultural identity awareness

Participants will have access to certified mental health therapists, and workshops focusing on personal development will be offered quarterly for young people, parents, and caregivers.

Being young and Black in the United States automatically puts you in the crosshairs of the judicial system. We take that and more into consideration. We intend to engage the whole family system. We realize young people do NOT exist on an island, and their thoughts, feelings, and actions are of consequence to our whole community! We will have family gatherings to update and discuss the program. Self-development workshops will be open to parents/caregivers as well.

We look forward to letting you know the next steps!

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