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Our Work

These are the programs that Black Starline runs in conjunction with community partners to provide learning resources for children, youth, emerging adults, families and community. 



Embrace Your Best Self—Transformational Program

This is a program designed for Black Youth and Emerging Adults ages 12-24. EYBS young people participate in activities and events designed to engage their whole Self. The program's desired outcomes are to encourage learning, personal development, practicing discernment, emotional and spiritual awareness, and relationship-building knowledge of Self. The program also has activities for parents/caregivers, additional family, and village members who are instrumental in the lives of young people.


Two Thousand Seasons—A Healing Journey

Black Star Line is implementing a program continuing our contribution to the global work of eradicating systemic racism. We are specifically addressing internalized racism. Our approach is to unpack the complexities through personal development and use a collective process. Our aim is to deepen our understanding of both the problems and expand multidimensional solutions through healing processes. We are humbly inspired by the work of our ancestors and have named this program after the book Two Thousand Seasons written by Ayi Kwei Armah.

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Village School

Known as the BSL Collab-a-lab is a collaborative learning laboratory for school-age students of all ages. In the BSL Collab-a-lab families share strategies and resources for African-centered home school learners.   BSL believes in using education as an approach to address the challenges we experience in our lives and to create a better future for our children. Our homeschool collective is parent/caregiver enrolled, the rationale is to use the adult-child relationship as symbiotic learning opportunity. We identify what we call "parent/caregiver-sized" and "student/youth-sized" choices. Both adults and youth are responsible for making choices for the betterment of their personal and collective development. 


Partners for Black Parent Empowerment

This program is a coalition of organizations and individuals engaged in community organizing strategies aimed to:

  • Respectfully engage with Black parents/caregivers as the first and primary teachers of their children.

  • Address the disproportionately pertaining to academic and disciplinary rates in the education system for Black children.

  • Celebrate and affirm the Black family by creating culturally rich spaces.

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