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Danston Kaunda

”Before joining the Embrace Your Best Self program I was seeking support that would teach me methods to living a balanced life in this ever changing society. In 2017 I was invited to the BSL program by a friend (who was also in the program). He knew this was just what I was looking for and really needed, life had gotten pretty hard. The great part about the program are the mentors and coaches who supported my emotional development and reminded me of who I am by exposing me to African/African American/Black culture and principles. I have an understanding of what it means to belong first to myself and what that means as a young adult. My experience with EYBS has changed my life and led me to discovering my true passions and as well having the courage to explore the world. Through my journey I’ve found techniques which I use in my everyday life that balance my mind, heal my body and raise my spirit. I have found my calling and now teach yoga through my business Souls Edge. ”

Danston Kaunda, EYBS Participant

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