The Beautiful Ones: Youth Participatory Action Research

This program is part of Seattle University Continuous Learning Grant  and will allow Black Star Line ACFEC to provide direct services to youth as part of a family system which includes their parents, guardians, or caregivers and siblings to develop salient African cultural identity. The Beautiful Ones Youth Participatory Action Research Program is designed to engage youth as researchers of healthy Black identity. Participants of the program will engage in developing, engaging in, and making meaning of inquiry about healthy and strong Black identity.


The program will fuse self-awareness, math, data science, art, and storytelling as essential components of research.  


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Embrace Your Best Self | A Rite of Passage

This program is part of Best Start Kids | Stop the School to Prison Pipeline initiative and will allow Black Star Line to provide direct services to youth ages 12 to 24 as part of a family system which includes their parents, guardians, or caregivers and siblings to develop salient African cultural identity. This will include Training of Trainers to implement transformative programs for social-emotional intelligence, mindfulness, cultural stewardship, and emerging adulting. Our base of operation will be located in the city of Seattle at our school but will include the Greater King County area in order to service the larger family collective. Our frequency includes daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly events.


Parent registration for participants 12-17 years

Participant registration 

Toddler Hip Hop

Toddler Hip-Hop (THH) is a learning village for children who are 5 years and under.  THH grew from a need to create a connected village and foster positive ethnic identity development for children of African descent as early in their lives as possible.  We use Hip-Hop as a vehicle because we know that the conscious aspects of this art-form have been a path for many young people to discover, express and positively impact their realties.


THH is an intergenerational gathering in which young children are brought by a parent; grant parent, auntie, uncle or care-giver. We begin with Chaklua (a community meal).  Like one big family we sit, eat together, and  greet  the children as a way of building relationships this sets the stage for the upcoming play, music, dance and life.  We then are led by our skilled instructors (or an occasional guest artist) who have a love of both children and Hip-Hop, together we engage in actives and curriculum that are developmentally age appropriate and enjoyable for toddlers.


Toddler Hip-Hop engages children for 2 hours, each session has a relevant theme, focuses on a related virtue as a part of an ongoing charter building process and hi-lights the 9 Elements of Hip Hop. We also have woven opportunities for parent education as well. THH is fun organized play, promotes healthy social interactions with a Hip Hop musical back drop and feel. Come Party with us!!!

ASCAC (Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization) INSTITUTE FOR YOUTH COMMUNITY ORGANIZER INTERNSHIP

Internship Summary:  YouthOrganizers will primarily be responsible for increasing their own understanding of African centered scholarship, informing their peers of events which are guided by African principles and providing leadership through outreach, community organizing, dialogue and planning.

Organizing Event (s)

·     ASCAC National Conference 

·     NW Kwanzaa 

It's Never 2 Early 2 Create & Innovate

An annual Black Youth Entrepreneurial Market Place.  Featuring companies created by and for young people of African Descent as well as incredible entertainment and activities 

Nile Valley Civilization for Youth 

A class designed to engage children ages 8-13 in perspective and research development on Nile Valley Civilizations; including physical activities of Futsal and Capoeira. 


·     Become familiar with collective researching 

·     Develop awareness of worldviews 

·     Understand impact of worldviews 

·     Discuss impact/relationship of language and libratory education 

Partners For Black Parent Empowerment

Partners for Black Parent Empowerment works to engage community organizing strategies addressing disproportionately poor academic and disciplinary rates in the public education system for Black Children due to interpersonal, cultural, institutional and structural racism.


Our organizing work provides a platform for Black parents and Black guardians for children of African descent to gathering, learn and be supported through informed dialogue. Our outreach and organizing efforts will be with constituents from our organizations along side those in the Black community with young and school aged children.  The focus will be on education. 


The geographic focus will be families whose children are in public schools in the MLK and Rainier corridor. Discussion topics will serve as a gateway to action on a number of topic including but limited to the current state of Black children and education; Structural and Institutional Racism; Internalized Racism; Black Identity Development; Interpersonal Violence, Teen Dating Violence, Stalking and Boundary Setting; Homeschooling 101;  and Presentations from Black Educators.

Brown Sugar Babies | A Social Justice Connection

Parent/CareGiver learning and support.

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We officially came together in 2006 to create space to intentionally educate our children though an African-centered pedagogy and learned though our journey that we are a coalition of individuals who came to the Black Star Line with an organizing and social justice history. In the spirit of continuing this legacy—which we inherited from organizing efforts that came before us—we have expanded our collective to include families and communities of African descent who use public, private and alternative schools as well.  

Black Star Line envisions children of African descent who are self-actualized creators that are to be accountable to shape the world to benefit humanity. Their mission is to create and support institutions, community programming, and activities that value and support African-centered and character-based teaching that leads to our vision.

At this time of a global pandemic, we are focusing on growing our community homeschooling via weekly conversations for Black parents. Please visit the events page to register. 

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